Property Development

Get the job done right.

Our 35+ years of experience in construction and project management helps us finish projects that pose unique development challenges to their owners and communities. We’ll make sure your project meets your needs — and the needs of all of your stakeholders.

Owners: We partner with owners every step of the way to ensure we are aligned from the project vision to completion.

Residents: In all of our projects, we work hard to celebrate the personality of each place and create an inviting and lively community.

Municipalities: We work hard to understand each municipality’s needs and develop projects that will fulfill their vision for today and the future.

Investors: We seek innovative and creative ways to finance assets and search for new growth markets and opportunities.

The environment: From project concept through completion and occupancy, we strive to reduce energy use and water consumption while preserving natural resources, infrastructure and green space.
We look at each potential project as a fully integrated assignment and have developed the expertise necessary to take each project from its first vision to completion.

CIG Communities and our construction subsidiary, Capital Construction Services have a long history of adaptive reuse in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions.

We have purchased existing apartment communities, warehouse and manufacturing buildings and even shopping centers in recent years. In each case, we completed renovations and repositioning to create value and enhance cash flows. These efforts have involved not only creative design and construction concepts but have also required the utilization of multi-layered financial structures and true public-private partnerships. As in our development efforts, we have handled all aspects of each acquisition/renovation or redevelopment effort.

We have successfully acquired and redeveloped properties from a range of owners including GE Capital Corporation, John Hancock Life Insurance Company, from the portfolios of savings and loan associations, and from individual sellers.

Since 1984, we have utilized our financing expertise to successfully bring projects to life. For both acquisitions/renovations and new development, financing is often the key determinant of whether a project is successful. Additionally, being able to secure the right combination of debt and equity in a timely fashion can be the difference in winning the bid for an acquisition or new development.

Our approach to property and asset management is to focus on value enhancement.

CIG Communities, and our affiliate, Capital Real Estate Management, Inc., have developed a strong reputation for upgrading under-performing properties and repositioning them to maximize their return on investment potential. Our combination of innovative management techniques and creative problem solving has yielded major reductions in revenue collection problems, higher occupancy rates, upgraded tenant profiles and lower operating costs.

In each scenario, we have worked to understand the specific sub-market in order to create a unique marketing image for each property. Upper-level management carefully analyzes each asset to determine how a specific property can best be positioned to enhance its value and operating cash flows while maintaining a satisfied resident base.

Our construction management team has managed projects ranging from six-unit apartment buildings to 200+ unit high-rise condominium developments. We can effectively manage the design, value engineering, bidding, and scheduling of projects at any scale.

Most recently CIG managed the construction of Edge on 4 (a seven-story mid-rise luxury apartment development), Aqua on the Levee (three-story underground parking garage with five story-overbuild consisting of 239 units), and the 21-story SouthShore Condominium development. Throughout the process, we efficiently coordinate the efforts of multiple sub-contractors to save time and manage costs for our projects’ owners.

Our experience in new construction projects translated directly into our ability to provide value-add services and capital improvement oversight to our third-party clients. Recent projects include unit renovations, aluminum wiring remediation, a fitness center addition, and a major concrete and asphalt repair and upgrade.

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